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Average rating of 5.0/5.0 from 47 reviews @

Excellent as always!

  Richard Marfell

   17 Nov 2014

Recently Herman set up a "virtual computer" on my new machine, so that I could continue to use programs from my old one which would not run on the new. He achieved an excellent outcome, which is a great help to me. His service was very efficient with excellent delivery time, and very reasonable fee, considering the dem...

  Paul Winchester

   2 Oct 2014

Herman expertly restored my very slow apple mac to life. He re-instated the mailboxes which were out of action, removed annoying malicious malware and recommended the installation of an external hard drive. I feel as though I now have a new computer: it is running like clockwork (to coin a phrase) and I cannot be happi...

  John Ridgway

   26 Aug 2014

I used ITMan Tech for the first time last week after struggling desperately for weeks with a new computer and BT Internet. He came the very morning of my phone call, and succeeded in making my computer much easier to use, as well as fixing the email problems, and giving me some very helpful advice. The invoice this mor...

  Paul Winchester

   11 Jul 2014

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